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This geometrical structure is simply speaking AMAZING !!!

The physicists have known for long time that icosahedron and other geometrical structures generate their own electromagnetic field, which affects their surrounding. And so it was also known to ancient civilizations - Egyptians, Mayans etc. And that is one of the reasons why they built all these giant pyramids. We can see it all over the world.

Anyway saying that icosahedron ( generating its own strong electromagnetic field ) has the capability to affect its surrounding so it was thought at one point that it would also affect living tissue. And so was the idea of...

...William Brown - engineer and world renowned Egyptologist who during his 50+ visits to Egypt has studied intensively the Pyramids in Giza ( and around the world ). He also came up with the idea to place the living tissue ( human person, animal etc. ) inside of the icosahedron and see what happens then. As I said before the effects of Icosahedron on the surrounding and other objects in their proximity are known and measurable by the science. And so is the case with the living tissue being placed inside of it. Apart from the subtle ( yet profound ) changes on the energy ( electromagnetic ) level, noticeable changes were also detected under the microscope in the blood cells. Obviously the changes are more visible and more permanent in the case of people being exposed to the Icosahedron more frequently. But in any case the point is that the change are there.

How do we know that the changes are positive ?

Well... almost every person being exposed ( placed inside of ) to the icosahedron says that this experienced was amazing or at least positive. Obviously there are many sceptical people out there. But in the end even these people ( doctors, businessmen ) had to say that the experience of being inside of the Icosahedron was good for them.

I have to say that there were also couple of cases of people who indicate that Icosahedron has caused some "turbulences" ( of the emotional nature ) in their life but later - once everything settled down - they were grateful for having this experience as they felt much better afterwards. And so it looks like they had some suppressed emotional problems in them which obviously were affecting their life but they did not realised it until after going through the turbulences activated by the Icosahedron. I will write more about it in the articles to follow.

I know that this thing with emotions and turbulences may seem to some people as fairy tale or something similar. Well... it does not matter. Undeniable fact is that science and then people who had the chance to be inside of the icosahedron confirm that it works and the changes are visible and possible to measure. It is pure physics and mathematics.

Now... if you live ( or if you are planning to visit ) on Gran Canaria - Spain then you are fortunate because here in Centro Goa - Playa del Ingles we have a model of Icosahedron ready to use. In almost every case on the 1st session people are allowed to stay inside of it for 20-45 min. There is also a possibility to receive a professional massage while being inside of the Icosahedron. Just asks us for this option.

At the moment there are only few models in the world accessible for the public. So don't miss your chance to try it for yourself. I guarantee you that you will be amazed or at least grateful for doing it.


We offer the sound healing sessions in our studio in Playa del Ingles but you may also enjoy the treatment in your home or hotel.


YEAR - 2014

This is a simple icosahedron structure. Yet the energy impact ( on the outside and inside ) from this icosa was enormous and people had many increadible sessions in it.


YEAR - 2017

3 years later we made an upgrade. We realised that aligning the apaxes vertically causes another quantum energy shift.


YEAR - 2019

And this is work of art. Our experiments with placing additional geometrical structures on the inside and outside led us to conclusion that we can further modulate and intensify the energies.



"I am generally a very skeptical person. I do not believe in some stories about energies, chakras etc. But I have to say that there was something happening here while I was inside of this Icosahedron. I felt tingling and heat in some parts of my body where I had some old injuries. And then the rest of the day I felt calm, relaxed and full of energy."
Rafael Doctor, Las Palmas - Spain

"I'm familiar with meditation, energy work and different kinds of somatic practice, but I had never heard of an icosahedron before meeting Greg and seeing one for the first time. He offered for me to experience it which meant laying on a padded table in the middle of it while listening to relaxing, ambient music through headphones.

The experience was so profound I still remember it very distinctly several months later. I connected with my self and the wider energy field of the universe in a way I had not experienced before. While difficult to describe, the overall experience was like a much amplified meditation where my spirit was transported to another place. Imagine the feeling of being among the stars while also feeling grounded in your body. That feeling is accessible now as I think about it and reconnect to the experience. As in any kind of meditation, I certainly was caught now and then in my thoughts, so the process was similar in practical ways to regular meditation. The difference was the profoundness of my energy experience.

I almost always experience involuntary movement in my body when I meditate or experience energy healing and even sometimes when doing yoga. Inside the icosahedron I experienced a different level of energy movement in my body like I was tapping into and connecting with a source directly rather than simply feeling the energy flow in my body. While grounding, the overwhelming feeling was of groundlessness and expansiveness all at once.

When I came out of the icosahedron, I had to hold Greg's hand as a way to feel grounded and return to Earth. He was so gracious to let me experience the icosahedron and also take care of me during the process. I will always remember it."
Jason London - UK

"I will try to explain in words my experience in your Sacred Cube ( Icosahedron ). Though it is not easy. Almost impossible since it was all new to me, and the whole experience was strong ! Even before I went to your home and meeting you, I felt that it was very strong, I had no expectations at all! But something special or a part of a changing !

When I laid down you covered my eyes and you put the music on and I was completed relaxed. I then felt as if I was traveling or I was transported on a very high speed with my feet first. Not sure where. Maybe everywhere. But felt safe and calm. I even felt the bed was shaking a bit. Or maybe it was just my body. This went on for a while.

Then I started to feel small tingling all over my body. It was as if electricity was going through my body. I noticed that my palms in the hands were getting most of it. It felt as if every corner of the cube was "sending" strong warm light towards them. At the same time it seemed as if there was a bright golden globe over my chest area. It was very calm, warm, present and peaceful. It was gently stroking me, almost in a sensual and highly erotic way. Maybe it was Love ? My chest area opened and a beam of light was touching it. The globe was spinning around itself.

All the time I was traveling on full speed forward. I was just concentrated on my breathing and I let all the sensation and pictures flow freely. It was overwhelming strong. Like a physical meditation ! Like a portal !

Then I felt your hands touching my legs firmly. It was time to go...

These are my own words and sensation of the whole experience and the pictures that were coming ! It was so strong and a very clear sensation.

I walked a little bit around the city afterwards. Just to "walk it" off a bit. Then I sat down. It felt as if there was a glow around me. I am sure people around me must have felt it to. I notice them... I had very vivid dreams that night.

And again... your are such a generous and cool person. You gave me yet another experience in my life. I really appreciate it a lot! Thank you Greg !"
Martin Oslo - Norway

"I had 2 session in the Icosahedron. The feeling I had the first time was of tranquility and relaxation. The next day in the morning I repeated the therapy. This time I felt very relaxed but also very sleepy and lethargic. When I got home in the evening my body asked me to rest. I went to bed at 8 pm. When I woke up in the morning I felt very sensitive because I had the memories of the "emotional wounds" from the past.

I stayed in bed for some time and I observed what is happening. After some time I noticed that my body started to "release and free" itself of something. The sensation was concentrated around the abdominal ( intestinal ) area. It was interesting because I did not eat anything for dinner in the evening. Anyway when it all finished, I felt a strong inner liberation and I felt as if some kind of weight has fallen down of my shoulders ( soul ). And then I felt stable and balanced."
Teresa Italy


There are only few models of IcosaX around the world. Each model is unique and one of a kind as each person puts his/her own ideas into it. Now you may book your session in our studio in Playa del Ingles - Gran Canaria - Spain.

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