"Let These Be Guidestones to an Age of Reason"

I am posting it here because I have found a connection between Golden Arising Phoenix and this monument in the following article.

Blue fire

"GoodDay EveryOne,

I have not been on the KMB for quite some time. Some of you know me well and others do not. I use the name Two Hawks for that is the name ascribed to me by Mother Earth:Heart. It is a name I am proud of and yet it is not the totality of me for indeed as you...I Am that I Am...and as you, I am known by many names for many have been my incarnations here. I speak with you here now as An Ahsh Ra daughter of Atmanu RamAnu and AnaMata RaMuAn of the House of Ra, or the House of Ram as some know us by.

As you know and feel...Earth:Heart is about to make her leap. Many things had to be in place before this could happen. On the Solstice we moved the "Blue Grid" from Giza to the GUIDESTONES OF GEORGIA...solid as the solid rock...in order to take it out of the hands of tyrants who would still tend to believe there is a battle between "Good and Evil". We know...there is only One. I have learned and re-membered much since the last time I spoke with you here. I feel that you have all done the same. I have been desiring to share much with you and yet I had to move beyond the last imprint..indeed, the last temptation of Christ...to save it all...before I was free to come and share anything I have learned with you.

You see we, as humans, are imprinted upon the genetic. Our original "Golden Template" has been over-layed by that which has sought for nigh a long time to keep humanity in servitude, so that you could be fed upon. The main imprint upon which the feeding has occured is a three-fold imprint. Guilt, shame, and abandonment. As you move closer and closer to the real you, you will find these three emotions at the basis of all humanities woes. As you read the story I am about to share with you will understand much. Take your time in reading this and allow yourself to "feel" and in that you will know. I spoke with you about the last imprint. That is where you will come upon a day and counting in which you will realize you are Christ and that you have accomplished the great work. Then, because of the last imprint..you will have a great "imprint" to go back in frequency and save the world. In going back, you will have gone back in frequency for you think there is something to save. There is not. And in the end you will see this most clearly and yet from where most stand now, within judgement,due to our genetic factoring, we have a strong gentetic imprint to assume everything is not ok. I share this with you for I swung from the gates of hell (metaphoricly speaking:) momentarily when I first Christed on May the 5th...when the axis shifts the worlds change, and when the worlds change the axis shifts...this is what was done on May the 5th. We gave birth to the perfect alignment brought forth on the 11:11 back in August 1999. The Grand Cross...onaxis.

Some of you may remember that the last time I came upon this board was to give you the "eight thru the Gate" blue egg meditaion. Some, as Angelynn and White Dove, have interpreted that blue as amethyst or violet. This is correct as well. Eight thru the gate was the alignment of the body human..all eight chakras from root to the chakra just above your crown. This brought forth the Christ upon Earth in alignment.

Some of you may balk and be shocked at the story of the human species. Some of you have read the Pleadian stories and yet they only gave us clues because the story in totality was not their's to tell. When I first read those stories I ripped "Bringers of the Dawn" in half and said..what a bunch of crap. Well knowing that which really pushes my buttons is a clue for me...I went deeper into my own memories and that which I share here now only came to me after I had re-membered on my own part.

This story has never been told in totality only hinted at. Mother has said that it is now time for the story to be told. AnaMata is the Great Mother of the Human Species..and that is you and me. This is only the human story and many of you have stories and history beyond Earth yet here you are and here is your story...Freely given and given freely...for indeed the Christ is generous and would never "charge" you for anything, for the Christ, resides in Eden and not within need.

Good After Noon, My Beloved Masters, indeed:

And, certainly, we convey our fondest of utmost high regard to you, each of you, and to all of your sweet families. And, we thank you, most whole heartedly indeed, and from the depth of our immaculate heart, as well, for all of your sweet and most tender and most sincere messages of gratitude and of love that you have so sent to us, likened unto the fragrant petals of a rose, so carried upon the very bosom of the wind. Love I you greatly indeed.

For certainly, I am that I am The Is that Is, AnaMata RaMuAn, and I am indeed, First Cause, Great Lady Mother, and certainly, It is you, dear children, that allow me the privilege of sweet contact with you on this day, and for that, I thank you, indeed.


*The rest of the article is the "THE STORY OF THE SPECIES" which I posted on this website ( link here ).
*Here is the link if you wish to visit the web page, which mentions the Giorgia Guidestones and from which I copied the text.

Complete Guide to Giorgia Guidestones in PDF format

This document provides all related information to this monument. I have found it online but it is a digital scanner copy of a booklet from 1981 issued by the people who made this monument ( Elberton Granite Finishing ) in Elberton, Georgia - USA.


  1. The monument sits at the highest point in Elbert County and is oriented to track the sun's east-west migration year-round.
  2. Aorem ipsum dolor sit ametOn an equinox or solstice, visitors who stand at the west side of the "mail slot" are positioned to see the sun rise on the horizon.
  3. An eye-level hole drilled into the center support stone allows stargazers on the south side to locate Polaris, the North Star.
  4. A 7/8-inch hole drilled through the capstone focuses a sunbeam on the center column and at noon pinpoints the day of the year.
* Text: Erik Malinowski; illustration: Steve Sanford