Enter The Golden Gate ...

The Black/White Gate

March 8, 2001

Formal Introduction at the moment of Final Conclusion


March 04, 2001


Human Children


Unto My Being

Let Freedom Ring!


Human Children


Unto My Being

Let Being Begin!


Human Children


Unto My Being

of every race, of every color, of every religion, creed, dogma, and hue,

Love I you greatly indeed,

beyond all exception.

Could it be so,

that butterflies are free, or that it could be possible to walk barefoot in the park,

or to talk pillow to pillow, or have a breakfast at tiffany's, or to guess who is coming to dinner, or to sing to sir with love, or to wag the dog in primary colors,

or be a funny girl, or even the prince of tides,

without a sweet and wonderful


after all, who knows what dreams may come, when love is unbound,

and the key to the circuitry found to sound the sound and to tone the tone

of the



to light up the junk in the dna,

but not junk at all,

but simply switches

yet to be unlocked,

for all of the bodies are biological clocks,

whose destiny is to ultimately chime 13 bells of coherent resonate harmonic frequency as individuality itself, made manifest unto life, life, only life,

bodies two, unto bodies One, unto bodies Whole,

and Bodies made anew through the diligence of its own codes and blue print,

and so be it,

The Hour Approaches

And The Kingdom Awakens

Sovereignty is The Present, granted to Individuality by The Presence.

Immutable, and Inalienable, and Infinite,


beyond the range and the scope of mortality,

never born again to die,

but born, never to die, but to step out side of the limit of the smallness

and of the constraint of the too tight fit of human persona alone,

to be, and to live, and to celebrate

The Joy, and The Freedom


The Union of The Self,

"the great work"


Human and Non-Human,

Children of The Stars and Children of The Earth

Combined As A Conscious Body of Living Form.

Step free from your identity of yesterday,

Each of you, beautiful human children,

regardless of your age,

you have not come upon the age of your maturity,

you have come upon the moment of great revelation indeed,

and that revelation is of

You unto you, and you unto You,

for you are both

Heaven and Earth,


You are both Human and Non-Human,

and in that

so are you indeed, divine creatures,

and now,

Cosmic Beings

made manifest as simple common man and common woman, and beautiful children, stepping through the great veil of your own limited self perceptions

to come


you unto you,

Home Base


And so, we have come again, to walk among you, but briefly indeed,

to stand in the wings and to simply hold you, and to love you, and to push you, and to inspire you, and to let you know that you cannot intimidate us,

for that is how you have attempted to test us is to intimidate us with your suspicion,

however, you will soon be free of that suspicion,

and as you begin to "re-member" your selves unto Wholeness,

and therein, begin to "love yourselves unto Life"

so will you find those two simple words

Thank You,

easily available to you, and you will find that when you say thank you to

The Wind, and to The Sun upon your face, and The Rain upon your cheek,

and the Clay at your very soles,

so will you know that we are there in the wind, and in the sun, and the rain upon your cheek, and you will remember, that still, as both souls and bodies,

you do not remember how to create a nebula, and you do not remember how to create a soul, however, we the creators, certainly would never allow you to be abandoned, nor would we ever allow that you be allowed the course unto entropy that you so set for yourselves in the slumber of your warring adolescence,

for we are connected in one fabric of molecular existence,

regardless of dimension or domain, and regardless of the age of our own civilizations of existence and the period of cosmic time in which we entered into the cycles of existence,

so it is that

"We Are Here"

and we have been here to tend you, seeds planted so long ago,

not to harvest you unto your own undoing,

but to lift you up from the inside out, as we would resonate the tone within

your very genetic that within the resonance field of your original destiny,

prior to that original destiny being tampered with,

so it is,

then, that your individual sovereignty,

and your ultimate unique difference is already preserved in that it, and therein you, exist at all.

We have simply come along to remind you,

but through the very fabric itself,

"The Molecule"

as it has been previously described,

and, therein,

for those of you who read any of the documents that have so been prepared

for you as "a great table" indeed, even in the presence of what you would consider to be your enemies,

so is it a table of great knowledge,

an entire, and Whole Body of Living Information Re-member,


and it is given in love, and it is granted in impeccable generosity,

freely given, and given freely indeed,

and therein,

so should you read,

so also will you be changed.

Love I you Greatly Indeed,

and in each of you, without a single exception, I am well pleased,

and in my final words,

I will pose a final question to you,

and in your consideration of that question, perhaps,

you will relax, and let us simply continue to drive you to Destination Freedom, Let Freedom Ring, and in the simply Joy of your lives, and the living of them, differently every day, as you change at every port along the way,

and at the moment of arrival,

you will simply see and know yourself,

more familiar with and to yourself than you have been in a very long time,

and that is the moment that you know for certain,


"The Circle Is Unbroken"


You, and you,

The mortal, and the immortal , you, and You,

Meet, and Touch,

in a Timeless Fashion and walk,

"hand in hand"

up the great stair indeed!

Put the pieces together in Peace,

and so be it,

you will have "a twinkle in your eyes"

and all, and everything and everyone in your reality will be changed,

by and within that "twinkle in your eyes"

for that is when your neurology comes fully on line,

and your crown, heart, and root circuitry are


aligned and your heart is on axis,


and then,

you will simply change your reality in accordance with your own desires,

and with your own dreams,

for that is the God Given Original Divine Birthright that has been

stolen by "holiness and seeking and religiosity" and you will find

that I, Onaxis, have championed the return of the probable privilege to all of you, quite like Hermes of days gone by, and in that,

So is your freedom, and your individual greatness no longer just probable,

but it is inevitable, and therein inalienable and immutable.

Loving Your Life, and The Joy of Your Own Individual


is the single golden key,

in every breath you breath, and in every experience that you call forth

to come your way, for if anyone or anything or any experience is in your reality, you have brought it there to you to open a door into greater wisdom through your very experience, and in that simple knowing, so is it possible

that you will greet your day, and each moment of existence with anticipation,

and with the anticipation of the revelation of the miraculous in your every moment, and within that simple consideration,

so do all worlds begin to change wherever you walk,

for you walk in the anticipation of loving yourselves in every moment,

even more deeply, and even more profoundly than you did even the moment before, and then, there is no experience that you will call to you that you will push away, for you will have become the center of your reality, and that is defined as anywhere you walk, or move, or live or have your being,

and in that,

many worlds will begin to touch, and to interface, and to meet, and to match,

and meet and match in integrity, and in impeccability,

and in mutual respect that life itself would allow the flow of the miraculous to the very gates of your kingdoms and queendoms of everyday, moment to moment experience, and then, it is only possible to greet your moments

in the maturity of greater wisdom

for as we said,

all of you without a single exception are

"Cosmic Beings"


Human and Non-Human

at the same time,

The Repetitive Cycles of History are Concluded.

We have concluded them.

That is what Divine Intervention is about.

The Planet,

Earth Heart

is changing locations in frequency according to her own unique, and immortal cosmic blue print that pre-existed you human children,

and therefore,

it is upon her very bosom that you ride,

Ascended Planet, Ascended Peoples

from limitation to boundlessness

from being bound by limitation to the unbinding of cosmic destiny.

And so be it.

Happy Birthday Children

Cosmic Children

as you are born and borne free,

and as you crown yourselves as cosmic beings,

so be it

Let Being Begin

You may open

the gate



with this introduction, if you like,

for it approaches the hour we have appointed,

and therein,

we provide the black and white gate,

here within our words,

that you may open the gate

and present


Gold indeed, in layman, and laywoman's terms,

"A New Living Language"


and so be it,

Beloved and great masters indeed,

We lift our great glass unto thee, without single exception

and we call forth

Only Life

So Be It

Atmanu Ram Anu

and councils on axis


Enter The Golden Gate ...
The Golden Gate

2001, GeReOn@projectduat.com