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We live in the world in which the number of technical devices supplied with electric power has drastically increased in the last 20 years. Today most of the people in the world have at least 1 mobile phone. And then we also have/use computers, TVs, DVD players, music players, smart watches, GPS, headphones, microwaves etc. And it is obvious that the number of these electrical devices will increase in the future.

And maybe each individual device is not so harmful to a human body but when the electromagnetic fields ( EM ) emitted from these devices are summed up creating an ELECTROMAGNETIC SMOG, it turns out that they are much bigger than the electromagnetic background of the natural environment. And then comes into play the element of overlapping electromagnetic waves. And if we could see this grid of EM waves ( just like the waves on the water ) then we would easily notice that some of these waves will neutralize themselves and others will multiply creating points/areas of increased radiation. It is pure science with its laws of physics.

And we may not forget that many of the electrical devices that we use, function only because they allow us to get connected with the rest of the people and world through the WIFI, Bluetooth, infrared, satellite signals etc. Then we have also the power line grids over the head or in the ground. And all of it is a source of electromagnetic radiation which sums up with the individual electronic devices.


All of the above are the examples of the artificial ( human created ) electromagnetic radiation. But we also have so called GEOPATHIC ZONES created as a local disturbance of the Earth magnetic and gravity field and the fields generated by underground water. The strongest of them are formed at the intersection of underground watercourses, geological deformation of the upper layers of the earth's crust and overlapping points of Swiss (Hartmann) grid nodes and diagonal (Curry) one. They are part of the natural environment but still they are generally more or less harmful to a human body and if somebody is not aware of them but still s/he is exposed to them for a prolonged period of time then s/he will feel it in a form of lethargy, tiredness, mood changes or even serious sickness.

In the past the “architects” were somehow aware of these overlapping energies and disturbances of the earth’s magnetic field and so they avoided construction of any buildings on these harmful spots. But on the contrary they knew how to find the places where the energies ( EM waves and fields ) were very positive for the human body. And these is one of the reasons why we feel something special when we enter or just are close to the ancient temples, castles etc. Of course the EM waves and fields fluctuate and change over time and some of these temples may have no more of these positive energies anymore. Or they may even become toxic and dangerous for a human body to be there. Just to mention quickly… the shape ( usually symmetrical - eg. Pyramids ) was also another reason why we feel something special when we are inside of the temple, castle etc.

Today our architects don’t really take into consideration this element of electromagnetic fields and waves of the earth when constructing a building. But even if they did we still have this artificial electromagnetic smog.

So what can we do about it ?
How can we protect ourselves from it ?

Well… no matter what you should always do everything possible to keep yourself fit and strong. Here are the “common sense” points which will keep your body strong and healthy and will help you to deal better with the toxic electromagnetic radiation:

  • eat good food
  • drink clean water
  • breathe deep
  • exercise
  • meditate
  • etc.

You may ask a professional for a help. There are people who work with RADIESTHESIA and they will be able to test and neutralize the dangerous energies in your house, work place etc. If the harmful energies in your environment are too strong they will advise you to find another place to live. Then it is almost certain that you will feel better almost instantly and if you were sick then you start automatically the process of self-healing.

You may also use some special devices which are also very effective in the harmonization of the harmful ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION. Personally I use the device from the VITA TRONIC company as it has been proven to me with the help of medical instrument that it is effective in neutralising these negative radiation in my closest environment of my house.


This I do not know. But it is the best that I know of in this moment. As I said before it has been shown to me and proven - with the help of a medical instrument - that using this device has positive effect on the functioning of my body. We did the test before and after and the difference was significant. Apart from this my friend who recommended it to me - and he is also a therapist of natural medicine though with 15 years more of experience in the field of natural therapies ( including Radiesthesia ) - investigated this topic much deeper and he is completely content with it. And I trust more my friend rather than any sales person "from the street".

If you have any questions in regards to this device and/or where to place it in your house so that you may benefit from it most, then contact me through my contact page. It is obvious that if you decide to buy this device then I would receive a commission from the manufacturer of it. Thus I would appreciate if you do it through me.

You may also order it directly through my online shop.

Remember that I do not write this article just to earn some money. As a therapist of natural medicine I sincerely recommend using this product as I know that this device would have a positive effect on you and your body. For the moment this is the best device that I know of ( it is not cheap but it is effective ) and if in the future I will find something better then I will let you know.