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We all know that our planet has its own electromagnetic field. It is simply like a magnet with its negative and positive poles. And we take advantage of it for example when it comes to navigation because the compass will always show us the direction of the earth’s magnetic poles. The animals ( for example the birds travelling long distances ) use the magnetic grid as their GPS to find their way to their destination.

Although not so many of us are aware of it, human body has also its own electromagnetic field with the poles. Many think that this is some kind of illusion or fairy tale of people who meditate and look for spiritual enlightenment but the fact is that the scientists can actually measure this field with various instruments. As a matter of fact every cell is like a magnet with its electromagnetic field and the body is just a collectiveness of these small magnets.

Look... whenever there is electricity running through the wires then we have also the electromagnetic field being generated around it. This is relatively basic stuff which children learn at school. And the nerves in our body are like the wires conducting electricity. Without it your body would not function. But then this nervous ( electrical ) activity generates simultaneously an electromagnetic field. And because there are so many activities going on within every cell so our body is like an electric generator/battery with its own electromagnetic field. And although there is a lot of misconception and lies about aura within the new age and spirituality movement we cannot completely deny the point that there is energy flowing through our body and - as I said before - it can be measured by the science.

This energy field around the body is not always constant. It is there but it changes, it moves, it spins etc. Just like the electromagnetic field around the earth. Some people will have stronger and others weaker energy field. And this can also be measured. But we know it also without having access to any hi-tech scientific instruments. We feel that some people have strong energy and others don’t. We may say that they have charisma or they are weak. When your boss comes angry to the office you feel the electric tension in the air. This is his electromagnetic field being charged up with strong energy of anger. And then you feel the difference very easy when you meet the person who is in love.

Whether you deny it or not ( within your mind ) the fact is that this electromagnetic field is there. And the quality and the strength of this field around your body will also go hand in hand with the quality of your health. If your energy is weak, it is stagnant, is not harmonious/regular you will also be sick or at least have the tendency to get sick easier than other people.

What is the reason that some people have stronger or weaker energy field ?

Well... there are few reasons for it:

  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle ( nutrition, work, exercises etc. )
  • Environment in which you live in ( your house and the outside )
  • etc.

Here we will focus on the Point 3 about the environmental elements.

Thus look at this... everything that is in your direct and indirect environment has its own electromagnetic field. And all of these fields will affect your own field ( it can be in the positive or negative way ). And the stronger this energy is, the more influence it will have on you ( just like with the angry boss charged up with very strong energy of anger ) unless your own energy field is strong enough to counter balance the influence.

But your strong energy field may not be able to hold on and endure always this constant exposure to this negative field. Eventually it may penetrate your field and you will feel it. In an example of an angry boss there will come the point when you will start to feel bad and you may even get sick as a result of being exposed all the time to the negative energy of anger and stress in your work environment.

The same applies to the situation in which you are exposed to other strong and negative energy fields in your environment. Usually we are not taught and/or informed about it but something like:

  • water veins;
  • faults;
  • Hartmann grid and Curry grid;
  • other electromagnetic interference zones;

have direct influence on your body and the electromagnetic field around it. In the past this knowledge was more common and this is the reason why you feel something special when you enter the churches, temples, castles etc. They have been built on the special places where the electromagnetic energy of the environment was harmonious and strong. We give a lot of attribute ( to this "feeling better" inside of the church or temple ) to god but one of the main reason for it is that this temple has been built on a special energy spot.

And then we also have the element of the shape of the building. The symmetrical form of the buildings of these "holy/sacred" places plays also a big role in the "I feel something different" while being inside of it. As I said we contribute it to god and we may even get healed from our diseases while being inside of the temple believing that god has heard our prayer but in the end this is pure science and physics which we have forgotten about today.

Anyway... the shape and the form of your house as well as the place on which it is built, will have direct impact on your body’s energy field and it will either strengthen or weaken it. And through this it will affect your health ( unless you have really strong energy field and you know how to protect yourself from it ).

Another source of relatviely strong electromagnetic field are our electronics:

  • mobile phones
  • TV
  • microwave
  • computer
  • WIFI routers and mobile towers
  • etc.

These days we have more and more of electronic devices in our closest environment ( we carry mobile phones etc. almost all the time next to our body ) and all of them have relatively strong electromagnetic field radiating around them.


OK... maybe one electronic device is not harmful at all as its radiation is really small. But today you have so many of them in the direct proximity to your body. You are constantly bombarded by the radiation from it. It is almost impossible to escape from it. If they were not dangerous then you would not be sick... or would you ? Of course your electronic devices are not the only reason why you get sick but still they play a big role in it.

Anyway if you manage to escape this electromagnetic radiation ( for example you go to the forest or the mountains where there is no signal of your mobile network ) then you feel immediately better. And this is the best proof that these radiations are not harmless despite what we think and what our doctors say.


Well.. we could go and live like the aborigines or Indians in the jungle or in the mountains.

But who will do it ?

Thus in this situation where we will continue living in the cities the best solution would be to start developing technologies ( mobile phones, computers etc. ), which don’t radiate this negative field. And then we should try to learn something from the architects of the past who were aware of the importance of the electromagnetic fields and then we could develop new buildings which have harmonious energies.

But this is solution for the future and under the condition that we start to realise the importance of it and then we will start to make an effort to change our technologies. For now all that we can do is to find ways to deal with it and to neutralise somehow these negative radiations.

Thus the most important thing that we have to do is to keep our own energy field strong. And we can do it by taking care of our bodies through:

  • correct breathing
  • nutrition
  • exercises
  • spending more time in the nature
  • etc.

You may also use some special devices which are also very effective in the harmonization of the harmful ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION. Personally I use the device from the VITA TRONIC company as it has been proven to me with the help of medical instrument that it is effective in neutralising these negative radiation in my closest environment of my house.


This I do not know. But it is the best that I know of in this moment. As I said before it has been shown to me and proven - with the help of a medical instrument - that using this device has positive effect on the functioning of my body. We did the test before and after and the difference was significant. Apart from this my friend who recommended it to me - and he is also a therapist of natural medicine though with 15 years more of experience in the field of natural therapies ( including Radiesthesia ) - investigated this topic much deeper and he is completely content with it. And I trust more my friend rather than any sales person "from the street".

If you have any questions in regards to this device and/or where to place it in your house so that you may benefit from it most, then contact me through my contact page. It is obvious that if you decide to buy this device then I would receive a commission from the manufacturer of it. Thus I would appreciate if you do it through me.

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Remember that I do not write this article just to earn some money. As a therapist of natural medicine I sincerely recommend using this product as I know that this device would have a positive effect on you and your body. For the moment this is the best device that I know of ( it is not cheap but it is effective ) and if in the future I will find something better then I will let you know.