'a rose, is a rose, is arose'

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  • ...simplicity is the key to genius,
    for genius is simple,
    and in simplicity so is "the christed understanding" so born
    The "genie" within the "rosi-gene"
    generosity is now liberated,B as
    "a rose, is a rose, is arose"
    gene-rosi-ty! GENE-ROSI-TY It is the KEY!...

  • ..."Love thy neighbor as thyself"
    do ye one unto the other, yea, verily, indeed, say I unto thee,
    even as ye would so do unto thyselves or wish therefore to be
    done unto...

  • ..."Never fear, never fear, never fear, never fear!
    Joy banishes fear.
    Joy reveals the illusion of fear.
    Joy alters all realities created by fear.
    Joy is the "ultimate solution" to entropy,
    "the new wine indeed,"
    that "Holy, Wholly, Holy, Wholly"

  • ...set yourselves free,
    if freedom is truly what you desire, for indeed,
    a great savior only becomes a great tyrant,
    should he so attempt to free that which does not desire freedom at all!
    And further, anyone who would attempt to save you rather than give you
    the keys to save yourselves, will always be your "tyrant" for you...

  • ..."frequency is location"
    and therefore,
    when you change your frequency, your location also changes...

  • not imagination but memory returning;
    for how could it be possible for you to imagine
    something completely unknown,
    And therefore,
    all imagination is in fact,
    and in literal deed, actual memory.
    So use your imagination
    to bring all of your memory back together with yourself...

  • ..."Love alters not when it alteration finds, nor does it bend with
    the remover to remove, but, yea, verily, indeed, say I unto even
    the least of these,
    it is an ever fixed mark"...

  • ..."That Home is Where The Heart Is"
    Earth is Heart and Heart is Earth,
    and the first has become the last,
    yea, verily, indeed,
    even as the first H of Heart becomes the last H of eartH
    and that 11:11 gate,
    so presents itself in those H's...

  • ...It really is YOU who create the nature of YOUR own reality,
    and then the interweaving and the overlapping of your
    individually created realities
    begin to create collective reality
    It is in your hands!
    YOU are the creators of YOUR own reality...

  • ...Illusion is not real,
    Illusion creates its own reality, and the collective
    unconsciousness, it is a mighty beast, within the fields
    of unconscious creation and illusion...

  • ...Many are "called"
    None are chosen,
    Few self-select,...

  • ...Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    is achieved in purity...

  • ..."When the worlds change, the axis shifts.
    When the axis shifts, the worlds change"...

  • ...That which is on axis, is on axis.
    That which is not,
    chooses or chooses not,
    clarity and abject precision...

  • ...Arise and love thyselves unto life,
    and then greater life, and then unto abundant life,
    and then unto gracious life,
    and then unto sovereign life,
    and then life immortal shall so present itself unto thee...

  • ...That which is real knows.
    That which is unreal refuses to know...

  • ...Bring yourself on axis,
    and then,
    so shall ye know,
    and then,
    so shall ye be born free from the distortion
    of all twisted places,
    and then,
    so shall simple honesty, and simple dignity,
    and simple integrity,
    lead the way

  • ...Home truly is where the heart is when the heart is always in joy,
    and that is the elixir of the holy grail unto wholeness,...

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