Find the Master within you

SPIRTUAL TREKKING course was designed and developed by master Guru Jara. His teachings are being taught in Centro Goa by Sofia Salivar Sajmon who has been studying and practicing Guru Jara's teaching for many years.

The objective of teachings within Spiritual Trekking is to help people to reach through various exercises a point where they can attain their maximum potential and thus be able to live as "The pilgrims of immortality", even reach a state of sanctity .

"Heart, purified by meditation or prayer, is able to guide the human mind, energy and consequently also materia, or the material world, towards transformation of this Universe of millions of beings to wake up from the illusion of the material world. And this is the meaning of our lives."

Guru Jara

Sofia Salivar Sermon preparing for the Spiritual Trekking course in Goa Center in 2016 Meditation Guru Jara in his ashram in the Philippines
  • The true wealth of man is in the good that he does in this world. –Mahoma

  • Light is the lie of self-interest, created by the multiple characters of the mind who act as superheroes in a comic.–Bernard Poolman

  • The mastery of the mind as enlightenment is the denial of reality like dust, water and air. –Bernard Poolman

  • The living example has more force than the rules.–Nikolai Gogol

  • Love is an invention to justify the abuse of life on earth. –Bernard Poolman

  • The choice is an illusion fueled by self-interest. –Bernard Poolman

  • Everything you do, do it from the heart and not out of obligation ... then, you will know to glory. –Anonimous

  • Real democracy is 1 man = 1 vote where all decisions are the best for all life always. –Bernard Poolman

  • Peace comes from within. Do not look for it outside. –Buddha

  • No one will be saved while life is depraved. –Bernard Poolman

  • While you see yourself as something in your mind, you only see your own illusion created by yourself. –Bernard Poolman

  • The earth is a prison of those who abused life in the universe. –Bernard Poolman

Course room One of the exercises in the Spiritual Trekking course Meditation in the water Sofia Salivar Sajmon course 2016 - April Sofia Salivar Sajmon course 2016 - October End of the course in Goa Center Sofia meditating at night