Treat the cause and not the symptom

brain wavesThis technique has been developed by Greg personally and it is the result of years of experience. The best way to describe it is through giving a practical example.

Thus let's say that somebody is involved in accident or any other shocking experience. The result of are:

1. Damaged, torn or broken tissue
This needs to heal by itself. It may take weeks or months ( broken bones ) and we need to wait till the process is finished.

2. Tension
In case of accident the body automatically contracts the muscles as a way to protect itself. Because the whole contraction is accompanies usually by strong emotional reaction so the muscles does not relaxes itself after the impact and it may stay in tension for weeks. But this is relatively easy to treat with massage and other physio treatments.

3. Brain and neural sensors de-synchronization
In the moment of impact and later as a result of pain the neural sensors fire up continuously and send their signals to the brain. This flood of information can de-synchronize brain and the result of it can be that a person may complain about the pain in affected parts many months after the accident. And it is simply because the neural pathways and neural responses have not been reset after the accident.

This is just a simplified example because later the situation may get even worse through invasive operations, medications etc.

The neural desynchronization does not come only from shocking and painful accident. It can also be the result of slow degradation of the neural impulses. For example wrong posture at work etc. may cause a person to use arm in wrong way and the continuation of this movement for months and years eventually will affect the neural responses and the result of it is pain which never goes away.

These are couple of examples explaining shortly in which cases Neural Synchronization Technique could be effective. The whole treatment is focused on identifying the areas of problem and then showing the patient how he or she can correct the imbalance. In some cases the correction is instant. Though the longer the imbalance has been there in the body and the more emotional charge was involved in it, then obviously it will take more time to correct the problem. At the same time it is fair to expect at least some improvement after first session.

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