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stay fit be happyFor those who are interested to lose weight or shape their bodies we are offering the service of personal trainer. Though our approach is slightly different than most of the trainers. We treat the weight loss and change of body shape as a side effect of healthy living. And so we focus on bringing harmony into the body.

To function properly our body needs some form of intensive movement regularly. It is a common sense and this applies to humans as well as to animals. Apart from exercises we also need to do stretching to keep the body supple and flexible. These simple rules will help you to feel better and enjoy life more.

We do not believe in the concept NO PAIN NO GAIN. We want to show people that we can achieve our goals relatively easy while having fun. In the beginning there is almost always the so called mental pain when people have to get over the wall of laziness and excuses. And the discipline is also needed but the success is guaranteed for those who really want it.

In our approach we focus on achieving permanent results and we are interested in body friendly methods where health is not being put at risk through the use of steroids and other drug enhancement substances. Greg has been training in the gym for over 20 years and apart from this he has been doing different sports his whole life. And he knows very well how to stay motivated and how to adjust the training program in difficult moments in life and how to prevent injuries.

Because of our extensive knowledge and experience with health, massage and natural therapies we are capable of helping professional athletes in some ways though our focus is on helping average person to improve health and achieve goals effectively.

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- We offer personalised diet and exercises programs.
- We offer personal training sessions in the gym in which you will be shown proper technique to get your results quicker and the most importantly to avoid injuries.
- We offer session in which we will show you effective stretching techniques.
- During the personal sessions we will guide you and explain some psychological methods to stay motivated and avoid common failures.


1 hr session -   50 €

1st consultation - 100 €

+34 622 390 539

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