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Space harmonization is a method to harmonize the adverse and unfavorable magnetic field in your house or office which may come from naturally occurring ground radiation or fields created by our technology.

Ground radiation ( also called Earth rays or Earth radiation or Geopathic interference zones ) includes all natural phenomena like:

  - Water veins
  - Rock faults
  - Rock fractures
  - The Global grid
  - The Curry-grid

and cause a physical change in the Earth’s magnetic field and can therefore have positive or negative effects on plants, animals and humans. When such geopathogenic disturbance zones coincide with fields created by our technology, such as mobile phone towers and electrical installations (electrosmog, etc.), those distortions can, in places, undergo enormous exponentiation.

Geopathic interference - water veins

Water veins

Geopathic interference - dislocation of earth

Dislocation of earth

Geopathic interference - rock fault

Rock fault

You may or may not believe in earth radiation. However, the fact remains that since the 1930s it has been scientifically proven that water veins, rock faults and rock fractures have an increased natural radioactivity. And since then we have all found out that radioactivity is a health risk. Though it is important to mention that Earth radiation does not always cause illness. But it is a triggering factor in many cases.

It is also important to point out that although it is not (yet) possible to physically measure and record the radiation frequencies of a water vein or rock fracture, there are effects in nature that lead back to it. It can primarily be seen in the effects it has on plants and animals. And although the official science does not recognize and does not approves it we also have radiestezy with its pendulums and kinesiology to detect and measure these magnetic fields.

And of course if you go somewhere and you do not feel well without any obvious reason then you should suspect that there is something wrong with the magnetic radiation. Your body is like a measuring instrument. You just need to learn it how to use it.


VITA Tronic is a device that achieves harmonic alignment of the magnetic field in a radius of 50 meters ( e.g. two-story office building, the size of multi-family house and area outside it ).

It vibrates in a frequency that is related to the earth's magnetic field and it ensures a physically measurable balance of the static and ultra-low-frequency magnetic field.

It reduces the negative effects of geopathic radiation and electromagnetic smog.

Geopathic interference - rock fault

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