Cleanse your body and improve your health naturally

If you feel weak and you lack the energy; if you have problems with sleep; if you are overweight and/or you are sick there is a big chance that your body is overloaded with toxins and heavy metals ( e.g. aluminium, lead, mercury ).

In Centro Goa we offer an effective program for detoxifying your body. We use high quality natural mineral and vitamin supplements from the LAVAVITAE company from Austria and together with easy and simple changes in the diet ( avoiding the most toxic foods ) you will be able to clean your body and recuperate your energy and vitality.

Of course there are many detox and diet programs out there. We use this one. We have tested it and we continue using it ourselves because it is effective and we have great success with it. And we have also consulted it with the doctors to make sure that everything is safe and beneficial for our health.

Here you may read the TESTIMONIALS from people who used this program.

Thus if you would like to:

- clean and detoxify your body;
- lose weight;
- regain your energy and vitality;
- improve your health in general
- etc.

then contact us and we will prepare appropriate detox program to suit your needs and lifestyle.

We cooperate with Peter Winkler from BNR VITAL GROUP who developed this program and introduced it to us as well as with doctor Harald André Mortensen from NMA KLINIKKEN.

BNR Vital Group logo Peter Winkler
BNR Vital Group logo Harald André Mortensen


In the detoxification program we use the mineral and vitamin supplements from Lavavitae. But it is also necessary to make changes in the diet to eliminate toxic foods. Thus it would be recommended that you contact us before you decided to buy ( SHOP ) the supplements on your own. Apart from this for those who would like to increase the effectiveness of the detoxification process we provide also individual consultations and courses for groups in which we teach and explain in details various important techniques and exercises ( e.g. correct breathing ), which strengthen the body and improve its functioning and natural cleansing process. Contact us HERE.


Out with the bad - in with the good

ZEOLITE detox is a natural medicinal product that works in the digestive system to bind specific toxins.

Various physical strains, especially if recurring, can lead to disfunction of the intestine wall ( Leaky Gut Syndrome ). The mucus membrane in the intestine becomes porous and lets through toxins (lead, cadmium, arsenic, chrome, nickel and ammonia) that exist in the gut but that can harm the rest of the body. These neutralised toxins are simply excreted within around 24 hours.

ZEOLITE detox is proven to strengthen the physiological function of the intestine wall, reinforcing the body's protective barrier from foreign...


    ... substances.

    ZEOLITE detox provides minerals
    In the micro-channels of ZEOLITE detox, there is proven to be over 30 valuable minerals. These are deposited in the body via cation exchange. In order to intensify this effect, ZEOLITE detox also includes 10% dolomite ( calcium, magnesium ).

    Unique activation technique
    Using cyclone technology, the particles in ground-up volcanic rock are fired at each other at high speeds. These managed collisions lead to an enormous increase in the surface area of the natural zeolite. The activated ZEOLITE detox has an increased effective exchange surface of over 1000 m2 per gram.

    Medicinal product / CE certification
    ZEOLITE detox by LavaVitae is a CE-certified medicinal product that complies with European regulation 93/42 EWG in accordance with EN-ISO 13485. This means the highest quality and control standards for both extraction and production.

    Crystal imaging of LavaVitae zeolite water
    LavaVitae commissioned the Hado Life Europe laboratory, run by the renowned water crystal researcher Dr Masaru Emoto, with examining water containing ZEOLITE detox. The result was a beautifully formed, light crystal image.


Feel the power

VITA intense by LavaVitae delivers a vitalising blend of natural Alpine herbs from Switzerland. The formula was especially developed to suit the needs of people living in the 21st century - the top-quality ingredients in VITA intense support body and soul.

With the power of the Alps - activate your primal power

Edelweiss: in order to thrive in the harsh environment high up in the Alps, this plant needs an especially high concentration of protective substances, which can also provide valuable support for people. This Alpine flower's effect on the heart and...


    ...blood vessels is currently being studied. Edelweiss has long been a secret in the world of cosmetics, while this protected plant was traditionally drunk as a herbal tea.

    Aronia berries: health and vitality - is that what you want? Our grandparents knew: the more colourful the fruit, the more goodness in it. Aronia contains the highest concentration of red and blue plant pigments of all fruits, and is therefore a great source of a range of different substances.

    Aloe Vera: also called the "plant of immorality", aloe vera has been proven to contain more than 200 substances to date. In folk medicine, the juice of the aloe vera plant has long been used to soothe skin irritations, to harmonise the digestive system, and as a general anti-ageing marvel.

    Blend of top-quality vitamins
    VITA intense provides the body with a rich combination of vital substances: vitamin B2, C and selenium help to protect the cells from oxidative stress. Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D3, folic acid and selenium contribute to normal functioning of the immune system. Vitamin A, B2, niacin, biotin and selenium contribute to healthy vision, skin, hair and nails, while vitamin D3 and magnesium contribute to normal muscle function and bone mass. Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, C, niacin, folic acid and biotin contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system and psyche.

    VITA intense is a complete supplement for children, pregnant women and adults. The product does not contain lactose, soy, gluten or artificial flavourings or colours. All ingredients are extracted from 100% natural sources.

    Recommended dose:
    Tomar con el recipiente medidor adjunto 1 dosis diaria de 33 ml, preferiblemente antes de las comidas.

    Did you know ?
    Edelweiss grows on mountain meadows and in rocky crevices high up in the mountains. The search for this symbolic Alpine flower with its beautiful star-shaped petals is often perilous. That's why edelweiss has long been a special token of love.


Feel fresh and young

Organic Microalgae

The green powerhouse CHLORELLA contains valuable vital substances from nature, and helps combat nutrient deficiencies. This microalgae provides the body with high-quality building blocks and the power of sunlight.

An overview of the valuable substances in the superfood CHLORELLA

Protein: CHLORELLA has the highest protein content of all plants and is made of 60% high-quality protein, including all essential amino acids. The protein composition is...


    ...similar to that of a chicken egg.

    Fats: the 11% fat content includes valuable omega 3 fatty acids, linoleic acids and alpha linoleic acids. Minerals: calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium, iron, iodine and zinc.

    Vitamins: CHLORELLA includes the vitamins A, C, D, E and K. Especially important for the nervous system, B vitamins are also present in high concentrations.

    Cell wall: chlorella's cell walls include special substances such as the Chlorella Growth Factor and sporopollenin, and act as indigestible fibre in the gut.

    Chlorophyll: this green pigment gives green plants the ability to turn sunlight into life. CHLORELLA contains the highest proportion of chlorophyll of all plants by far. Chlorophyll is purported to have incredible effects on overall health.

    Recommended dose:
    As a nutritional supplement, we recommended taking 2g to 4g of CHLORELLA each day, which amounts to 5 to 10 tablets.

    This extra support will contribute to an improved supply of vital substances. You can suck, chew or swallow the pastilles; either with meals or 30 minutes before eating, making sure to drink enough water.

    Please note: CHLORELLA may turn your stool green. This is completely normal and a result of the indigestible cellulose, which is excreted in fibrous form. If you have a metal amalgam filling, swallow the pastille whole without chewing, as the algae could absorb the heavy metals in the mouth, resulting in a less effective detoxification of tissues.


Feel soft and clean

LavaVitae ZEOLITE Cream is perfect for your whole body, including face and hands - and is suitable for all skin types, even babies and small children. Aside from its antioxidant effect, ZEOLITE Cream also has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects. Vitamin E protects the skin from premature ageing caused by light. The selection of premium ingredients helps irritated skin to rebuild its natural protective barrier.

The skin - a wonder of nature
The skin is the biggest organ in the human body, and makes up around ten percent of the body's weight...


    ...The main task of this huge protective barrier is to defend the "inside" from the outside world, from the weather, foreign bodies, environmental toxins and pathogens.

    How zeolite helps the skin
    Zeolites acts like sponges, and are additionally loaded during LavaVitae's special activation process. Due to their large interior surface area, they are great at binding, transporting and delivering substances. In ZEOLITE Cream, active cosmetic ingredients are absorbed via a "piggyback"; once they have arrived at the surface skin cells, the zeolites unload their cargo and deposit the active cosmetic substances where they're needed - between the skin cells! They then absorb toxins and rid the skin of damaging substances.

    Premium ingredients
    Zeolite transports the valuable substances deep into the skin's surface and binds toxins. Olive cares for the damaged skin layers, while lavender oil strengthens and calms the skin. Star anise soothes the skin and gives a pleasant aroma. Bay leaf oil gives the cream a fresh and pleasant smell, while rosemary reduces inflammation and disinfects. Camomile has an anti-microbial effect and soothes the skin. Elderberries care for and tighten the skin, while beeswax and lanolin provide natural skincare.

    100% natural cosmetics
    ZEOLITE Cream from LavaVitae has been awarded the NATRUE quality seal, guaranteeing the highest product standards. NATRUE has high product development requirements when it comes to natural ingredients that are kind to the skin. 70% of the 100% natural raw materials are certified organic. ZEOLITE Cream is free of mineral oils, parabens, sulphites, synthetic colourings, pthalates, silicon oils, ethanolamine and SLS.

    Apply to affected areas of the skin as needed and massage in gently.


Feel the energy

BOOST by LavaVitae is a natural nutritional supplement. Its formula includes a balanced composition to activate and regenerate the body with all-round beneficial effects.

BOOST contains the pick-me-up caffeine
BOOST's special formula includes caffeine from various natural and plant-based sources to ensure the gradual, slow release of caffeine. This results in the desired plateau effect.

Anti-ageing and weight management
BOOST is made up of natural ingredients with high levels of bio-availability to offer a broad spectrum of valuable plant materials. When taking a capsule, you won't notice the naturally bitter taste of...


    ...the ingredients so there's no need to add sugar - which your figure will thank us for !

    Anti-stress mood-boost
    Cocoa is the main ingredient in the classic comfort food, chocolate. It releases the amino acid tryptophan, which makes up the happy hormone, serotonin.

    Raw coffee: during the roasting process, up to two-thirds of valuable acids in coffee are broken down - that's why BOOST only contains raw coffee.

    Guarana: guarana releases its caffeine much more slowly and is gentler on the stomach and body than roasted coffee.

    Green tea: in contrast to black tea, green tea still has most of its natural leaf pigmentation, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids.

    Raw cocoa: there are more than 300 known substances in raw cocoa, including the precursors of serotonin and dopamine, which are neurotransmitters that create a mood boost.

    Chinese caterpillar mushroom: the Chinese caterpillar mushroom is a type of sac fungus, just like morels and truffles. As a valuable ingredient, it was exclusively kept in the Chinese Emperor's palace and reserved for wealthy company.

    Acerola cherry: the acerola boasts one of the highest vitamin C levels of all fruits - with roughly 30 times more than lemon. Acerola has more than earned its title of "power fruit".

    Recommended dose:
    We recommend that a person weighing around 70kg take 4 capsules daily with plenty of water. If the capsules are taken with a meal, the effects may be delayed, so we recommend taking them at least 30 minutes before eating.